Short course // October – December, 2019

If are you looking for systematic and graduated explanations on Tibetan grammar and Dharma words this is the place for you!

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama always says – Tibetan language is the only language that has all the Sutra and Tantra teachings. If one wants to learn these in depth, it is very helpful to know Tibetan. It is a long process, and not an easy one, but here in the LRZTP we invite you to walk your first steps in learning Tibetan for Dharma!

Training in Speaking Tibetan

Learning alone is not enough; you will need to put into practice what you have learned. That is why we will provide you with conversation classes with native Tibetan speakers to practice your colloquial Tibetan. These classes are based on the material learned in the classes with the English speaking teacher – Julia Wilson from LTWA. For each session of conversation class, we will prepare a work sheet to accompany the lesson. It will have questions, drills, games and language exercises.

The majority of the conversation partners are already working in the afternoons in our two year interpreters training program. They have experience in teaching Tibetan to non-Tibetan speakers and they are hired based on the criteria of having the following three qualities – knowledge in Tibetan, good morality and, above all, a kind heart.

Upon completing the course, students will have the vocabulary and structures allowing them to have everyday conversations in Tibetan (talking about studies, jobs, introducing oneself and one’s family, food, cooking, shopping, weather etc.). Basic Dharma vocabulary will also be provided. Students will be able to use all three tenses in Tibetan and learn basic concepts of Tibetan grammar.

What are the prerequisites? 

There is no prior knowledge required to register for the course, we will begin from the basics and progress systematically. Those who have already learned Tibetan will likely find it beneficial to review the basics and fill in any gaps in their knowledge.


The short intensive Tibetan language course will begin on Monday October 14 and finish on Friday December 6, 2019, a total of eight weeks. Attendance is Monday to Friday.

Course Structure

Classes will be held from Monday to Friday. In the morning they will start at 11.00 with two hours of intense conversation classes with native speakers (one on one). Native speakers will represent various dialects of Tibetan thus exposing the students to the variety of Tibetan speech. Each of these classes will be based on the material previously learnt in the main class and each will have a special “conversation sheet.” At 1:00 students will be invited for lunch at school. After lunch, for two hours, the main classes will be taught by Ms. Julia Wilson, translator at the LTWA, Dharamsala. Students will be expected to write quizzes and small exams to test their progress during the course and at the end of it, if the teacher decides so. Upon completing the course they will be issued certificates of graduation.

In addition, we have the written materials as audio recordings spoken by Tibetan native speakers so the students can listen to the words and sentences and practice along with the recordings. We have SMR flashcards prepared for the course and use Google drive to exchange notes, materials and other stuff.


Our classroom is located in the Lotsawa Rinchen Zangpo Translator Program School, Rato Chuwar Labrang, Session Rd. (near the Men-Tsee-Khang Institute), Dharamsala, 167215, Himachal Pradesh.

Course Fees

Course full fee is 650 USD. This includes the classes, teaching materials, tea and lunches. It does not include accommodation. The school does not provide accommodation either.

We have a special offer to students from India. Owing to the kindness of the Khyentse Foundation we can offer a considerable discount to up to 10 Indian students wishing to take the course. The discount is 500 USD, thus students will be required to pay only 150 USD. This applies only to Indian students. They will be required to commit for the whole two months of the course.

This course is for the beginners, it provides basics for further pursue of education in Tibetan language. LRZTP may organize intermediate and advanced course in the future, so if anyone wishes to continue, they are welcome. Alternatively, students may in the future take up our long 2-year Tibetan language and Dharma course for translators and interpreters (the nearest one beginning in the latter half of 2020).

Payment of the fees happens in two stages:

  1. 200 USD is paid through a link provided on our website. This is a non-refundable deposit.

  2. The remaining 450 USD (or 50 USD in the case of Indian students eligible for the discount) will be paid either through the same link or as individually agreed upon with the school’s administration. For Indian citizens, as the overall payment will be 150 USD only, please contact us directly.

Students will sign a student agreement proving they understand and accept the conditions of LRZTP and the course. They will also be required to sign the Ethical Policy of FPMT (Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition).

If you have any questions about the program, you are welcome to read the frequently asked questions page or contact the course coordinator Alejandro Garcia:

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