Short Tibetan Language Courses

LRZTP offers short courses of Tibetan language for beginners and sometimes intermediate students. Each course lasts two months (8 weeks) and consists of two types of classes: main class in the classroom environment conducted by two teachers: 1)  Academically educated teacher with an excellent knowledge of Tibetan and English, able to explain grammar both the way it is taught at high level universities and in Tibetan schools, 2) Tibetan native-speaker teacher, who helps with the exercises. The second class is a conversation class conducted one-on-one between a student and a Tibetan native-speaker language tutor. Conversation classes complement and expand the material learnt in the main class. Whenever the short intensive course happens, LRZTP school offers lunch and tea to all the participants.
Students will begin by learning the alphabet and then move into learning the rudiments of conversation. Basic Dharma terminology will also be taught in short courses with a Dharma concentration. LRZTP will provide all learning materials. 
Typically these courses are organized in spring and in autumn and are announced several months in advance, with a registration form provided. For further information, please contact:

Upcoming course notices:

Regrettably the short course scheduled for 10 October – 02 December 2022 has been cancelled.


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