LRZTP Tibetan language intermediate level online program almost completed

Just as we welcomed the New Year 2023, students of the LRZTP Tibetan language online program began their fifth and final module of the second year of classes, that is the final part of the intermediate level. Following a slightly longer Christmas and New Year break they have come back to their computers to continue studying with Gen Thupten la. Our online program was started during the pandemic of Covid-19 and is still a wonderful opportunity for people from all over the world who wish to learn Tibetan but are not able to travel to India to study there.

At this stage the students are making great progress in their education, so the lessons are now taught predominantly in Tibetan. Each module ends with a comprehensive exam, for which the course participants have to test their language skills of listening, reading comprehension, colloquial grammar, translation from Tibetan into English and vice versa, general Tibetan language knowledge, reading aloud as well as, and this was a new task in the December exams, write a short story on one of the proposed topics. Those students who diligently participate in classes and deliver their exams are rewarded with LRZTP certificates.

The LRZTP online classes are a comprehensive program of studying Tibetan designed and based on the experience of teaching the language for more than twenty years in Dharamsala. Apart from the main classes taught currently by Gen Thupten la, the students have the opportunity to join smaller group review classes conducted by native speakers. To these they can also add a weekly tutoring session with Tibetan conversation partners, one on one. The progress students have made is very much visible (and audible).

One unfortunate turn of events this last year was that our beloved teacher Geshe Wangdak had to take leave due to health reasons. That is why, in his absence, Gen Thupten la has been teaching the last several modules. We can happily announce here that Geshe Wangdak has now fully recovered and will soon be back teaching in LRZTP! He is extremely grateful to everyone who sent him good wishes and prayers. Many students recited mantras and did pujas for his good health and many people kept praying for his swift recovery. As Geshe la was undergoing his treatment and surgery, the online program students were collecting mantras for about four months. All of this definitely contributed to his recovery. So Geshe la would like to thank everyone for their kindness and for keeping him in their hearts.

So now, as the final module of the second year has begun, the completion of the intermediate level is at a hand’s reach. We wish to congratulate everyone who got to this point and stayed with us. We know how much of hard work the students have put into their adventure with Tibetan, very often having to balance between their jobs and other studies while deepening their knowledge of the language which is not always the easiest to learn but certainly worth the effort because it is the key to Dharma. The third year, that is the advanced level will begin on 22nd March 2023.

Of course, LRZTP is always open to new students. So just because our current students have now gotten so advanced and good in Tibetan should not discourage prospective new students. Anyone who has already studied before and has a comparable level of the language can join our course at any time. Our doors are always open!

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