LRZTP 9 Registration

How to Register?

Registration for LRZTP 9 is only successful once you have completed the following:

  1. Completed the registration form (not leaving any section blank)
    click here for the registration form >
  2. Sent the following to two passport size photos, passport photocopy and two recommendation letters from Dharma (or Tibetan/Buddhist studies) related people
  3. Signed the LRZTP student agreement
  4. Paid the deposit of 500 USD. This deposit is non-refundable should the applicant decide to cancel.

There are only 20 places in LRZTP 9.  A waiting list will be created if there are more than 20 applicants.
Please apply by September 2, 2020.


Admission requirements to join LRZTP 9:

  1. Have a valid student visa permitting study in the Dharamsala area (for non-Indian students).  Please note that LRZTP does not offer student visas. Please contact for visa related questions.
  2. All students will have a computer or tablet that will allow them to read and write in Tibetan, use the software suggested by the school and be familiar with Google Drive.
  3. Commit to the FPMT ethical agreement between the school and the students.
  4. Fill in the medical form and include two up-to-date next of kin information in case of life threatening emergencies.
  5. Have a good level of active as well as passive English which permits to follow classes, perform tasks, write essays and successfully engage in study-related research in English.