LRZTP 7 Registration


In order to register for LRZTP7 you must do the following:

1.       Fill in the registration form included in the required documents (two passport pictures, passport copy, two recommendations).
(In order to down load registration form in PDF please click here, download Word form please click here )


2.       Sign the LRZTP student agreement.
(to see the FPMT affiliated students agreement  please click here.  for freelancers please click here )

to read the current version of FPMT/LRZTP interpreter agreement please click here

3.       Pay the deposit of US$200. This deposit is non-refundable should the applicant decide to cancel. click here to pay


There are only 20 places in LRTP7. Applicants who apply when there are already 20 registered students will go on the waiting list.

Please apply by 01 August, 2015