Interpreters Training

Interpreters Training

Students have the option of committing to the two year program, or the entire two years combined with the interpreter training. Students eligible to join the interpreter course after completing the following:

  • Passing the entrance exam or achieving 70% in the end of two years exam
  • Have recommendation of LRZTP director
  • Do the registration process

For student who didn’t enroll for the two years course joining the Interpreters course will be done based on available seats and the following:

  • Passing the entrance exam or achieving 80% in the end of two years exam
  • Finish the registration process

Those students who graduate the interpreter training will be ‘trainees’ who qualify for opportunities to complete a two year interpreter apprenticeship in an FPMT Dharma Center. LRZTP will assist FPMT affiliated students to find a center to work at the end of their training.

It’s important to note that the availability of FPMT Center positions varies from year to year.  Those students who wish to work at a FPMT center will attend the LRZTP program as FPMT affiliated students.

Those who do not wish to to work at an FPMT Center will be known as freelance students.

Both FPMT affiliated students and freelance students are required to abide by the ethical policy of FPMT, keeping the five precepts  and any student who engages in the practice of Shugden is not permitted to attend LRZTP.

Interpreter training date:
March 23, 2020 until July 15, 2020

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