Interpreter’s Program

Brief Syllabus

  • Colloquial Tibetan.
  • Literary Tibetan.
  • Dharma terminology in colloquial and literary context.
  • Comprehension of Dharma teachings: Topics to be covered are collected topics, mind and mental factors, signs and reasoning, Graded Path to Enlightenment, mind training, basics of Tantra, among others.
  • Interpretation methodology of both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation: note taking techniques, oral expression, synthetic analysis of speeches, exercises such as “shadowing”, interpretation workshops by language groups, etc.
  • Outdoor trips every term to visit culturally relevant sites.
  • Guest teachers: Dharma teachers and successful Dharma interpreters.
  • On site training as apprentice interpreter in a Dharma center.

Course Structure

The course consists of 4 years, the first two years being classroom training and the remaining two being on site training as an apprentice interpreter (the last two years are now optional).  The first two years are made up of 10 terms.   Each term corresponds approximately to 8 weeks of class and 2 weeks of break.

Classroom Program

  • Two and a half hours of class in the morning with a tea break.
  • Two hours of conversation partner session or interpretation workshop in the afternoon, with a tea break.

Exams and Evaluations

There will be exams every end of term, and major exams at the end of the first year and second year. The exams are both written and oral.